Button attachment and security specialists since 1994

MMS Button Attachment Machines and security

MMS UK was established in 1994 to provide sales and service of specialised industrial sewing machines and associated products to the industry. In order to ensure that all products are of top quality and a fast and efficient service can be maintained all development and manufacturing takes place in our factory which is located in Leeds, UK.

The staff at MMS are dedicated to the task of providing excellent products and backup and many have years of experience in the industry.

Our product range includes a full range of profile stitching equipment together with a department devoted to the fast turnaround of templates. We also have much expertise in the necktie industry with sales and service of all relevant equipment. Alongside these products we can supply and service AMF Reece button hole and hand stitching machines and parts. For hand stitching we have a department dedicated to the supply of waxed silk and synthetic thread for use on machines or for hand sewing.

Since the company was formed we have specialised in button attachment and security. We are therefore able to offer a solution to virtually any button issue and we can assist in ensuring that reliable and efficient button attachment can be achieved without the need for unreliable and slow hand sewing. Together with our highest quality TF thread in 60 shades as the ideal partner for our range of machines we are able to offer the ultimate solution to prevent button loss. Our high speed wrapping and heat fusing machines are the ultimate solution.