Centre stage of the MMS UK exhibition stand at Frankfurt Texprocess was a shiny red 1964 Mini Cooper S which we drove from the UK along with a van full of button wrapping machines. The Mini is of course an impressive piece of design and we were taking a risk having such an icon on the stand in case the machines paled into insignificance. This was a calculated risk however as this show was the first time our latest MK 22 had been shown anywhere in the world. The MK 22 is the first fully automatic magazine fed button wrapping machine and is the latest machine to come from the development department of MMS UK. We need not have worried as each and every person to view the machine at the show expressed the same view that this was a revolution in the button securing world since every previous machine had to have each button loaded manually.


The two MK 22 machines drew large enthusiastic  crowds eager to see them running without an operator present. By the end of the show it was a close call as to whether it was the Mini or Mk 22 that had been photographed more!


Alongside the MK 22 we exhibited our MMS TF button wrapping thread which continues to be a hugely attractive option for all MMS machines around the world due to the high quality and low price. Of course the highly regarded MK 18 was also displayed on the stand along with the semi automatic MK 6. Hung on the walls were the MK 10 and MK 11 machines which are fondly remembered by many as being quality machines from the MMS factory from years gone by.

Thank you to all for visiting us and we hope to see you soon.

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PS. the Mini made it back to Leeds with just a blown wiper motor.

On the 13 – 14th April MMS button securing products were displayed on the stand of leading Polish distributor Contec at the Techconfex exhibition which was in the lovely city of Lodz in Poland. The ‘Manchester’ of Poland was a fitting place to exhibit our latest generation MK 18 automatic button wrapping machine. This machine was extremely well received by the Polish customers who all appreciated the significant benefits of the machine not least the thread savings that it provides. The latest 2016 version of MMS button wrapping thread was also on display. Following the fair significant demand is being filled for both machines and thread.

On the 27 April we were back on the road again to display our equipment and thread at the Tuyap fair in Istanbul. Our Turkish distributor Erbil Makina did a fantastic job presenting our BAT 18 special button attaching machine which is the perfect solution for jacket, coat or leather production due to its versatility and price advantage. Also on display were our MK 6, MK 18 and MK 18S button wrapping machines. Visitors from all over Turkey as well as many countries around the world were eager to see the latest button attachment and securing products on display. Of course the latest button wrapping thread from MMS was greeted enthusiastically as this was the first time it had been exhibited in Turkey.


MMS stall at Tuyap fair in Istanbul

When a shirt button came loose on a tester’s shirt three years ago we wanted to know what we could do about it. Small things make a big difference when you’re trying to make the best mountain shirt in the world.

As has so often been the case we didn’t have to look beyond Yorkshire to find world class skills to solve the problem. There’s a company called MMS in Guiseley, just twenty miles away. That’s where we met a very clever and very unassuming man called Mason, an inventor and industrial designer.

We learned that as ‘make do and mend’ became a thing of the past, most of us lost the will or ability to sew a button back on and high quality shirts were being returned all over the world because of buttons falling off.

Twenty years ago, Mason who was already well-known in the world of attaching buttons was approached by a Swiss thread maker who with a chemist had developed a type of rubber thread that could be melted over a conventional thread to keep it in place. At that time a Victorian method called frapping was still being used. This essentially meant wrapping some thread around the shank and then sewing it through the shank a few times. Although this had become automated in the 80’s it was still far from perfect.

Mason then developed the machine to wrap and melt this elasticated thread around the shank of the button. It’s called Thermo Fusion Wrapping. It takes around a second and means your McNair buttons will never fall off. Mason’s Wrapping Machines are a brilliant invention made in Yorkshire that sell all over the world. Hmmm, that sounds familiar.

button wrapping machines

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Prince Charles using MMS MK 11

On a recent visit to a UK shirt factory Prince Charles was offered the opportunity to use the MMS Mk 11 automatic button wrapping machine to secure shirt buttons. He soon picked up the technique and was able to operate the machine with aplomb!

The MK 11 is the core model in the MMS button wrapping machine range and it was designed and built in the UK factory of MMS.

MMS UK exhibited this year at the Texprocess exhibition in Germany on stand C86 in hall 5. On display for the first time was the most advanced button wrapping machines ever produced in the form of the MK 18 and Mk 19. Both machines have the unique feature of being able to connect to a mobile phone or tablet via the MMS APP to open up a host of features such as production data, diagnostics, program set up and software updates. Other features which are a huge step forward on a button shank wrapping machine are fully automatic threading and thread waste extraction. These new features were enough on their own to impress the many visitors to the stand however perhaps the real stand out benefit of these new models is the fact that it has been engineered in such a way as to cut thread consumption by up to 12%. This can mean that an extra 500 buttons can be wrapped effectively free of charge!

MMS stand Frankfurt 2015

Size does matter! The MK 18 is the most compact fully portable automatic button wrapping machine in the world. As if this was not enough to wow the visitors to the stand the new MK 19 was a real showstopper as it is a table mounted version of the Mk 18 which is conveniently tiny meaning that it is perfect for tandem use with a button sewing machine.

Alongside the new machines was exhibited for the first time the new range of MMS TF button wrapping thread developed to work in harmony with all of MMS button wrapping machines. All 60 colours were shown off on a spinning wheel which caught the eye of passing visitors. Perhaps the main attraction on the stand however was a 1964 Mini Cooper S which stood under a ‘best of British Design’ Union Jack poster. This was a great spectacle for the many car enthusiasts who visited to have their photo taken sitting behind the wheel. It also highlighted the fact that the MMS range of machines are designed and manufactured in the UK.

Nishantha and buddhi

As history denotes, what we refer to as buttons today were not entirely meant for fastening purposes. During 2000 – 1500 BC different types of beads have been used for decorative purposes on garments or to give out a symbolic value to ones social status and special achievements.

It was in Europe during 13th and 14th century that buttons – namely “round objects” were used to fasten layers of material in clothing. Since then these small gadgets called buttons have evolved and transformed in to an industry of great interest and success.
Nowadays buttons come in different shapes, patterns, sizes and functions. Even though it is quite a lengthy list, the main button types can be categorized as;

• Shank button
• Self Shank button
• Two hole button
• Snap button
• Cloth buttons
• Mandarin buttons


Due to the unique attributes of different button types, all buttons cannot be attached on to garments using the same methods. Thus there are several different methods that ensure secure and firm button attachment.

Hand sewing is one method which is not commonly used due to inconsistency, slow operation and the high cost on skilled labor. Using button sewing machines is a widely used method which is also can be divided in to two categories as lockstitch and chainstitch.

You can find out more on button attachment methods on: