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MK 11/ MK 11S Automatic Machine


Mark 11 - the world wide best selling fully automatic button wrapping machine. Manufactured in our UK factory to guarantee quality and reliability.

The machine wraps and secures any type of button at high speed and with constant precision. Wrapping, sealing and finishing the button shank only takes about one second. The economical use of the TF thread and the computer controlled process make this machine ideally suited for all manufacturers from smallest to the largest.

MK 11 Button Attachment Machine


The machine has three programs which can be preset, enabling fast switching from one shank style to another. Each program offers the possibility to store the desired button shank type including special settings for long shanks (wrap variation, double covering) and for blazer type shank buttons. If the machine is positioned next to a sewing machine the same operator can both sew on the button and secure it at the same workplace.

PRODUCTIVITY 1500 buttons/hour
THREAD CONSUMPTION 5000 buttons/cone
ELECTRICITY SUPPLY 100/240V single phase
PROGRAMS 3, freely programable
CYCLES 7-99 wraps
AIR CONSUMPTION 0.7m cubed (0.5c.f.m.)
MACHINE WEIGHT 13 kg net/16 kg shipping
DIMENSIONS w 34cm/d 40cm/h 21cm
AIR SUPPLY 5.5bar (80 psi)
BUTTON STYLES Any sewn button


Fully automatic computer controlled machine that accurately applies the TF heat sealable thread to any type of button shank. The integrated bonding process ensures lifetime button security. The economic consumption of thread combined with the extremely fast cycle time makes this an very cost effective process.

Performance Data MK11 MK11S
Maximum number of buttons that can be wrapped with one 20g cone
6,000 6,00
Maximum number of Buttons per hour
1,500 1,500
Handling steps
1 1
Heat sealing
all Round All Round
Yes Yes
Button support for shank buttons or long shanks
Yes No
System diagnostics check Yes Yes
Suitable for    
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Yes No
Garment with shank button
Yes No
Small or sample production
Yes Yes
Medium to large production Yes Yes