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MMS Cuff Links

Cuff Link Manufacture

It is sometimes useful to make simple and cost effective cuff links using two buttons. This can easily be accomplished by combining two processes.

Initially two buttons are sewn together using a BAT 15 machine or by fitting the MMS button clamp unit to a Juki MB 1800 or 373 chainstitch machine. The lower button is loaded into an interchangeable nest and the upper button is loaded into the unique MMS button linear button clamp. The distance between the buttons can be simply set to achieve the desired length of cufflink (from 3 to 6mm).

The loose threads between the buttons is then neatly wrapped using the MK 11 automatic button wrapping machine.

The result is a very neat and simple cuff link which is made of the same buttons as are attached to the shirt.

Approximate production capacity is 300 cuff links per hour.